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6 tips for giving useful feedback

As an Art-director, giving feedback on designs is an important part of my job. And at the same time, one of the most difficult aspects of it. Writer and speaker Scott Berkun wrote an article about this. Since everyone who works with a designer will have to deal with this sooner or later, I'm listing the highlights:

01.Ask questions first, shout something later

Have you been asked for feedback, but don't really know what the objectives are? Then it's quite a good idea to ask first. Unless you want your own personal preferences (taste) to be leading, and only people similar to you are going to use your product, of course 😀.

Protip: Ask "What are you trying to achieve here?" first.

02.Good / bad is not the same as beautiful / ugly

There is (unfortunately) no objective way yet to determine whether something is beautiful or ugly. Therefore, judge something on what it should do and not on what it looks like.

If you judge a fryer on its ability to play MP3s then there is a mismatch between what we are trying to achieve and how we judge it.

Scott Berkun

03.Get frameworks in place beforehand on which to judge something.

It helps enormously to think about the principles against which you can assess designs before starting a project. For example, you can define a Definition of Success, or set targets in the form of KPIs.

Example: At Pixelpillow, we always first define Design Principles at the beginning of a project, which provide guidance during the design process.

04.Point out not only what is wrong, but also what is already right.

We tend to focus on what is not working well. Pointing out what does work well makes it easier to determine what still needs to be done.

Talk as much about what is, as about what is not

Scott Berkun

05.Not all feedback makes things better

Be aware that changes made in response to your feedback can potentially make the product worse on other aspects.

Example: if the feedback is to strengthen the brand by making the logo bigger, the 'ordering' falls as a result

06.Be respectful

Assume that the other person has done their best and put a lot of time and energy into the design. Therefore, take your time in giving feedback and don't do it in a hurry in between. Also, giving feedback is not a competition in coming across as smart and critical. So always ask yourself: does my feedback make this design better?

Good criticism must be an act of respect: an act of communication with the intention of helping the other person do better work, or understand their work better.

Scott Berkun

Captains log

Layout en animatie changelog
Breedte en positie changelog geanimeerd obv vw
In gsap zelfde positionering systematiek hanteren als in je stijlsheet, anders onverwachte effecten. Dus niet in stylesheet: left: 100vw, en dan in gsap x: 300.
Scrolling changelog layover fix codepen) met behulp van GSAP DrawSVG plugin
Bij layover niet handig om main content alleen opacity te geven omdat deze klikbaar blijft wanneer er geen DOM element overheen ligt.
Ontwerp scribbles homepage.
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SVG animaties homepage
Geprobeerd svg animaties te implementeren in eleventy
Fail. Lijkt erop dat 11ty bij build svg opbouw veranderd. Wordt vervolgd.
'Scribbles' svg's geanimeerd codepen) met behulp van GSAP DrawSVG plugin
DrawSVG kan geen externe svg's animeren. Inline svg's kunnen niet gebruikt worden als background en dus niet als pseudo element.
Ontwerp scribbles homepage.
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CSS Grid
Stylen changelog table gebruikmakend van CSS Grid
Positionering met CSS Grid.
Ontwerp changelog table.
Wat in ontwerp eenvoudig is, is in techniek soms moeilijk.
Implementatie van nunjucks templates en partials voor footer, header, content en changelog.
Dat foutmeldingen in terminal een boel tijd besparen als je ze tenminste ziet. Hoe je zowel .md als .html bestanden kunt gebruiken als basis. Wat frontmatter is.
Verdiept in templating languages.
Hoe templating languages (in dit geval nunjucks en liquid) werken en hoe je een basisstructuur opzet.
Menu, cahngelog en links geanimeerd.
GSAP x:0 is not x:0 maar x:0 vanaf startpositie element in de DOM.
Opzetten typografische basis
Implementatie fonts en styling responsive typografie.
Een 'Fluid typography' systeem opzetten. Tekst gewrongen en styling homepage.
Typografie laten schalen tussen breakpoints gebruikmakend van 'clamp' in css.
Opzetten framework personal site
Eleventy opgezet als static site generator.
Hoe je je eleventy inricht mbv terminal.
Gitlab setup
Wat een SSH key is en waarom je deze nodig hebt. Hoe rechtstreeks te committen vanuit VS Code.